Friday, October 22, 2010

Remember this hat?

This week I finished mapping out the rest of the sizes! It's currently being tested by a few crocheters in real life and on ravelry. In fact i'm short some testers for some of the sizes so if you're on ravelry & fancy signing up to test a particular size then pop over here to see more details & sign up. You must add it as a project to your ravelry notebook & upload a digital photo of your finished hat by November 14th. Use any 4ply from your stash you fancy & all testers get to keep the pattern for free!

The sizes I've worked out are for 0-3m, 3-6m, 6-12m, 1-2y, 3-4y, 5-6yrs.

UPDATE - Finished pattern now in my ravelry store - click here

Saturday, October 16, 2010

Sneak preview! Christmas Baby Toy

Stuck for ideas for a quick gift to knit for Christmas presents? Well here's a little preview of my next pattern.. It is really easy & quick to make. If you're a fast knitter you'll have it finished in 1 evening but if you're not so fast like me it may take you 1.5! xox

UPDATE :- Now available in my ravelry store - click here

Tuesday, October 12, 2010

Right! A bit more about what i've been up to...

As I confessed in my last post I have re-discovered my love of knitting :) This has been enjoyably costly as I then found I needed new knitting needles.. 

How come you always need the knitting needle you don't yet have to make a project? 
I'm sure that doesn't happen to just me?! Anyway a long search (via internet) ensued to find my all time favourite knitting needle/s.. I have purchased Swallow Casein Pearl ones, wooden ones... Britany birch from the fantastic Life craft & fun Tazmanian Oak needles by Art Viva, colourful aluminium metal ones by Susan Bates to name just a few. Even though my collection has expanded exponentially.. even today I had to order some double pointed needles for the 1st of my Christmas patterns as yet again I didn't have the size I needed! I now can't wait for them to arrive. Don't you just love getting lovely craft parcels in the post? ;) 

So what do you think my favourite needles are out of everything I've bought? I'm actually still undecided as they all have their pro's and cons.. which I might go into detail on in another post if anyone is interested. For the moment I'm loving my new needle stash & finding it not only inspiring but a pure joy to look at when I'm knitting away!

Well with all my new needles what exactly have I been designing & knitting?

The answer... Blanket squares... and LOTS of them!

The first half of my blanket squares project is finished and all the patterns have been uploaded to my Ravelry pattern store. It is a complete capital A-Z alphabet mapped out to make blanket squares in 3 sizes...

  • 6x6inches/15x15cms in Aran (worsted weight)

  • 5x5inches/12.5x12.5cms in DK (sport weight)

  • 4x4inches/10x10cms in 4Ply (fingering weight).

This alphabet is the start of a whole pictorial alphabet series & it's the motifs i'm working on next. A few are done already.. A for apple, B for ball & C for car... but there's plenty more to come!

There's also a quick to knit Christmas toy coming shortly.. I'm knitting up the one to photograph for the pattern front cover right now! All i'll say at the moment is it can be done flat or in the round, you need red and green yarn of either 4ply/dk/or aran, it'll take you just over an evening to make  & it'll be easy!

So what have you got on your needles; be they crochet or knitting at the moment?

Fi x

Sunday, October 10, 2010

If you're on Ravelry pop over and take a peek.... I've been busy!

Just a quickie as DH needs the computer so time is short.. I just wanted to share some photos of the new patterns I've finished. There's not enough time to load all of them tonight so here's 2 as a start & yes you see correctly... they are KNITTED!  I have at last re-found my love of knitting and there's plenty more in the pipeline...

Sorry to post and run. That's all i've time for right now but if you are on ravelry pop by to see the rest. Oh and i've started a Ravelry group too if you want to join & chat x