Friday, March 7, 2014

Teacher Appreciation Week

It was teacher appreciation week here last week. Every day each grade of our sons elementary school made sure they organised a nice treat for the teachers.. plenty of yummy cakes and cookies and snacks etc. It's not something we do in the UK and I think it's a lovely way of showing how much we appreciate all that they do. On the final day of the week we do a small gift - last year it was a little mason jar filled with chocolate eggs with a special tag saying "Thanks to you i'm going to be 'eggstremely' smart". I was organizing it again this year and thought i'd do something slightly different and a bit more practical as although chocolate is great - it doesn't last very long! I liked the idea of making a personalized bookmark which could also be the gift tag. I set to work figuring out what to say on the bookmark and playing around with fonts and colours & I love how it turned out!
After doing the bookmark - the idea for the gift just fell into place... each parcel contained a lovely patterned cover hardcover notebook, a pack of fancy patterned pencils, a packet of smarties and the bookmark. Our youngest had a great time helping me put them all together and placing a handy finger on the knots so I could tie the bows <3

Just in case anyone fancies using the bookmark - I have uploaded the bookmark files to Google Drive so you can download and print them yourself :)

The .png image file for the single bookmark on its own as above is here and the .png image file with 5 bookmarks laid out on a page as below (should work in both A4 and letter size paper) is here . There's plenty of room for you to add the teachers name at the top or just use it as they are!