Sunday, June 11, 2017

and the winner of my giveaway is.....

Thank you all for your lovely comments about my bag! Now our Canada150 tour has ended it's time to let random result pick the winner of my own giveaway - a $35 Tangled Blossoms Design voucher to spend in my store. Scroll to the bottom if you just want to see who won! :D

76 people left a comment!(see list below) 

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Michelle S. Creations05 June, 2017 01:21
Tammy Tupper05 June, 2017 08:01
Marian Allen05 June, 2017 08:05
Norma Harvey05 June, 2017 08:49
Terry Lerner05 June, 2017 09:43
G wenna Doty05 June, 2017 09:43
Kristin05 June, 2017 10:00
Sabrina van Ginkel05 June, 2017 10:06
Allison CB05 June, 2017 10:16
HeyJudee05 June, 2017 10:30
Karen Farmer05 June, 2017 10:49
Debra Caughell05 June, 2017 11:15
Kathy05 June, 2017 11:35
crescendogal05 June, 2017 11:38
Arlene Martini05 June, 2017 11:39
Basiljen05 June, 2017 11:39
Michelle @ Barabooboo05 June, 2017 11:39
Jennifer05 June, 2017 11:40
Heather Ratcliff05 June, 2017 11:44
The Ramseys05 June, 2017 11:50
dstelar05 June, 2017 12:00
Brenda M05 June, 2017 12:32
Deb Dickison05 June, 2017 12:40
Chloe Hales05 June, 2017 12:48
Alicia Round05 June, 2017 13:01
Laura05 June, 2017 13:03
Barbe05 June, 2017 13:04
MoeWest05 June, 2017 13:24
Fran Bosse05 June, 2017 13:32
Marsha Lawrence05 June, 2017 13:49
Joni05 June, 2017 13:51
Nancy05 June, 2017 14:12
Vicki H05 June, 2017 15:00
karen christensen05 June, 2017 15:40
Noreen05 June, 2017 16:29
Jenni05 June, 2017 16:29
fenna05 June, 2017 16:50
jbeitz05 June, 2017 17:57
Liz Dicrescenzo05 June, 2017 18:07
Kate05 June, 2017 18:44
Linda05 June, 2017 19:03
Kathy05 June, 2017 19:58
Venice05 June, 2017 20:02
kaelynn05 June, 2017 20:17
Unknown05 June, 2017 20:42
Ducky05 June, 2017 20:43
Chrissee s05 June, 2017 21:01
mirycreek05 June, 2017 21:17
MSMITH201105 June, 2017 22:39
CandaceL05 June, 2017 22:39
Judith Clauss05 June, 2017 23:30
Tanya06 June, 2017 01:05
lost in space06 June, 2017 02:07
Nicky Khang06 June, 2017 02:18
Rachel Weatherbee06 June, 2017 07:47
kmq06 June, 2017 09:37
Silver Mare06 June, 2017 10:26
db112106 June, 2017 11:03
Cassy Montgomery06 June, 2017 11:51
Betty Robson06 June, 2017 12:09
Arlene Martini06 June, 2017 12:17
gstone06 June, 2017 14:37
Shannon06 June, 2017 18:36
basicstamper06 June, 2017 18:46
Lisa Thibault07 June, 2017 02:06
Liz Hanes07 June, 2017 03:15
Carla G07 June, 2017 04:05
WendyMD07 June, 2017 10:11
kaelynn07 June, 2017 11:09
cjmont07 June, 2017 11:37
Pamela07 June, 2017 11:55
Gina S.07 June, 2017 12:31
Sue @ A Colourful Canvas07 June, 2017 17:11
Unknown09 June, 2017 09:06 Stephanie,in York, England
Donna W09 June, 2017 14:19
i_luvcanada09 June, 2017 22:01
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(Big Drum Roll) and the winner of my voucher is.........


place #1:Laura05 June, 2017 13:03

Congratulations Laura05! Please get in touch in the next 48hrs with your email address so I can send you your voucher code.  Fiona xox (if i don't hear I will draw a new name)

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Sunday, June 4, 2017

Wave to Canada's Birthplace!

Welcome to the Maritimes where you'll find Nova Scotia, New Brunswick and Canada's very own Birthplace - Prince Edward Island (Canada's smallest province)! 

PEI is the home of all things Anne of Green Gables and the super delicious Cows Ice cream which you have to try if you ever get the chance! To get to me here in Nova Scotia just head along the 12.9KM Confederation Bridge to New Brunswick (Canada's only constitutionally bi lingual Province) and then into Nova Scotia (Canada's second smallest 


Our whistle stop history tour ends just along the road from me in Annapolis Royal where exciting things have been happening and just in time for Canada's 150th Birthday! Annapolis Royal has its very own official tartan and it's all thanks to the determination and design skills of Kimberly Gunn from Tartan Wave.


So when I discovered the mystery bag pattern I was getting to sew was Fabulous Home Sewn's Military messenger bag I knew right away that Kimberley's Tartan, Fenna's pattern and my favourite chocolate brown cork would be the perfect combo.

The Military messenger bag has just been released in Issue 15 of One Thimble magazine and it is an intermediate level pattern. It's finished size is approximately 12" high x 10.75" wide x 2" deep - the perfect shape to hold a computer or use as a roomy book bag. The flap fastens with two magnetic snaps and has two shape options.. an asymmetric one with one bellow pocket or a symmetrical one with two bellow pockets. For the adjustable cross-body strap you can use either webbing or the same fabrics as your bag. The pattern has both written instructions and plenty of step by step photos which makes it very easy to follow. If you are a beginner bag maker.. the only part you may find a bit tricky is sewing your bellow pocket(s) onto the flap. 

I made a few changes to my military messenger bag as I have some fabulous blingy strap hardware that I've been dying to use for ages.. so instead of using the webbing all around the side(s) & bottom of my bag I used my BringBerry U shaped strap connectors and snap hooks instead.

In order to use these connectors I recommend you make a few templates.. one so you can cut the perfect shape on the bottom of your strap and another to mark the position of your screw holes to attach it to your bag. I pressed the back of the strap connector into a piece of paper to make little impressions and then pierced holes in the paper to give me the perfect screw hole template. 

For the curve template.. I drew tightly around the outside of the U connector and then trimmed around the inner line of my pencil markings. Then tried sliding the paper into the connector.. it was still a little big on my first go so  trimmed a tiny bit more and it was then perfect.


If you're using cork like I did you will also need a punch to cut the right size of holes through all your layers for all connector screw holes and rivet holes to nestle into. I used an 8 inch long x 2.5'wide strip of cork folded in half both width wise and lengthwise to make my connectors with a D ring at the folded end. 


I also use a piece of Peltex inside under my washers and screws when I secure my strap connectors to my bag with a little metal glue in the screw holes to make sure everything is absolutely 100% secure. In my bag flap I used fusible fleece just as the pattern suggested but as I like my bags to have a firmer body I used soft and stable foam on those pieces instead.

I think you can never have enough pockets so I also added a simple slip pocket to my interior too.

The bellow pockets on the flap are fabulously roomy.. the reason why I didn't put the grommets in my pockets as mentioned in the pattern is because I didn't want anything to detract from the tartan. 

On a plain fabric I think they'd make a lovely little detail.

So how did my messenger bag turn out? I'll let you be the judge but I absolutely LOVE it! 

Now for my giveaway... just leave a comment on this blog post below for your chance to win $35 to spend as you wish in my online store

The Giveaway is open worldwide and the winner will be chosen by random draw generator at 2pm Atlantic Canada Time Tuesday 6th June 2017 ... now extended until the end of our InTheBag tour so everyone this week gets a chance to enter! Winner will be announced 2pm Atlantic Canada Time on the 11th June 2017!

Each blog has an exclusive giveaway, so be sure to visit them all.

And don't forget to enter our main Canada 150 in the bag rafflecopter giveaway at the bottom of this post for your chance to win one of the many amazing prizes!

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