Friday, December 5, 2008

F's 1st Christmas Stocking... a WIP

After starting and unravelling a quite a few attempts already... I've eventually got the start of the look I was endeavouring to achieve YAY! In the end I decided to go with starting at the heel, work my way along to the toe and then rejoin the yarn & head up the body of the stocking. I wanted to make the stocking  in rounds with very little in the way of visable seams/joins etc. The shaping has been a bit tricky so far but I think I've got the worst bit worked out...

I'm being good and using up some of my stash too... some lovely bright red Jaeger Merino DK wool. I have some cream & black Jaeger merino too so I might do a fancy fringed top? My plan was to felt this afterwards but It's looking so nice as it is I'm now not sure... the fringing will definitely be better felted so maybe i'll have to take the plunge and just give it a go! If it doesn't work I can always crochet another and leave it be as I don't think the finished stocking will be using very much yarn :)

I'll keep you updated on my progress & I've just got to decide what to decorate it with apart from his name... a santa, a reindeer, an Xmas tree... what do you think I should put on it?

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  1. So far so good!
    I think either a Christmas tree or maybe some holly.

    I tried crocheting stockings last year, but I gave up because I couldn't get the shape the way I wanted it. It's so hard not to have them looking like giant socks! I guess they really are giant socks, but I still wasn't satisfied. ;-)