Wednesday, December 15, 2010

Did I mention i'm a HUGE Harry Potter fan?!

I’ve not mentioned this before but I’m a major fan of Harry Potter :D and absolutely loving that our eldest is enjoying our reading our way through all the Harry Potter books at bedtime.. We’re on #3 at the moment ‘The Prisioner of Azkaban’. F already has his own Harry Potter wand and is hoping santa is going to bring some Harry Potter Lego if he’s good.

I was looking for something to put into G’s and F’s Christmas stockings and came across this wonderful free golden snitch pattern by Raynor Gellatly.. which I just couldn’t resist making!

To stop possible fights over whose was whose or F trying to claim G’s in addition to his own I chose the only colour F is not so keen on for G’s.. luckily she doesn’t have any aversion to pink :D

I made a change to the method of knitting the spheres.. I knitted them in the round with a long circular & magic loop method; stuffing as I neared the top of the ball so I could avoid having to sew any seams up & I used Emily Ockers circular cast on method for a really tight/neat circular cast on. The only tricky bit was knitting the last k2tog row as I’d stuffed the spheres to their utmost to make them very firm!

They took me less than two evenings and I just couldn’t resist sharing them.. lets hope F & G like their little extra stocking surprises & my thanks go to J.K.Rowling for creating the wonderful Harry Potter Universe and all the Characters therein.

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