Thursday, January 30, 2014


I haven't been allowing myself to use my sewing machine and serger at the moment... why?! Well quite simply put.. because I have to organize my workroom, update my website(s), stock take and finish my end of year accounts. I know if I start using my machines then I say I'll do accounts tomorrow & then it'll be the day after & then next week etc.. so the only incentive that works for me is no sewing until they're done. It's been a hard task to stick to though!

One of my favourite pattern designers had an awesome one day sale on her patterns this month & another was looking for testers to sew up their next top secret designs and give feedback. I so very nearly caved in on the last one but I'm proud to say that I resisted. Mind you, the sneak preview photos of what they had needed to be tested has had me groaning and totally green with envy! 

Of course the temptations & distractions didn't stop there.. My favourite fabric designer has been posting sneak previews of her new fabric range available in May.. which means all I want to do is dream and work out what I want to sew with it! 

Then we've also had a fair amount of snow days this month & unfortunately the vomit goblin also paid our whole family a visit one by one.. so with both our children off school or us being poorly I wasn't able to concentrate fully. 

Thankfully though the end is in sight & I'm almost finished.. which means I'll soon get to order new fabrics and sew up some of those new patterns.. yes I caved on the one day sale - that was just too hard to resist lol :)


  1. Please tell me you picked up the patterns for the lady who was looking for testers - LOVE that little waistjacket!!!!!!! FREAKING AWESOME!!!! <3

    1. Unfortunately I wasn't able to be a tester for those Amelie & Henri patterns Little, but they were added to my must have list for when they're available to buy as I instantly loved and wanted them! ��