Friday, February 14, 2014

A New Look!

I suddenly realized that my last hair cut had been before we moved to Nova Scotia... it     had been a Christmas present in December 2011! WOW time really does fly by! 

This got me thinking about how I've been stuck in a rut with my hair style for much longer than that... in fact for even longer ago than these photos were taken but those old ones are not digital & in a box in the attic somewhere.
                                     2005                      2007                           2009                               2011

SO earlier this week I made an appointment & Thursday lunchtime off I went for a trim. Of course I completely forgot to take a before photo of how long my hair had got.. but this photo on the left from when we went trick & treating last October with today's on the right will give you an idea... I had at least 6-8 inches chopped off YAY!

Now 6-8 inches may not sound like a very big change but it makes a huge difference.. My new shorter (to me) hair feels so much lighter. It's much easier to de-tangle & also means I can have some fun trying out a new look - a 1950s retro up-do. This one was surprisingly fast to do so you may see me out and about with it like this for a while ;) 


  1. Love the new look! The red lipstick is fantastic! -Raina

    1. I've always loved red lipstick but our kids are definitely not used to seeing me in it... I think it'll take a while for them to get used to it as they suggested I buy a pinky lip coloured lipstick to wear instead as they thought the red was freaky LOL!