Sunday, April 6, 2008

My first post... Hello world!

Well here I go... my first blog. Although this is uncharted territory for me i'm very excited! I'm still finding my way around and hadn't planned to start blogging yet... but i just couldn't wait :)

I hope to finish some of the exciting crochet toys i'm designing over the next month so please come back and check in to see how i'm doing.

Designs in the pipeline are...

Haggis & Heather the Highland cows

McTwirly & Daisy the Jacob sheep


  1. Hooray! welcome to the blogosphere :) I shall be expecting great things, and looking forward to increasing my knowledge of all things crochet-y

  2. I love the look of your new website and look forward to participating in due course.

  3. I ditto Bimble and raise him (with assistance of course) by a furry coo!

    I'd do a blog of my own but 1 entry every 4 years is about what I'd manage...

  4. Glad to see that Bimble has made contact - I shall enjoy seeing him again if he ever manages to travel to the town for a visit!
    I am seriously trying to set up my own blog for creative children's stories, but it needs a lot of thought first!