Monday, July 28, 2008

Major landmark burns down

I'm still in a state of shock... I was woken this morning by a weird crackling noise & sirens coming from outside. For a while the noise sort of combined with my dreams... but as soon as our power went off and the baby monitor started beeping I was leaping out of bed.

As I headed across to the bedroom window I was thinking how strange a time it was for someone to let off so many fireworks. What I saw on opening the shutters had me transfixed in horror...

Our Grand Pier was engulfed in flames and smoke. I loved looking at it every day & night when it lit up with a myriad of green lights that reflected beautifully on the water... when the tide was in.

All that's left is a hollow burnt out shell... thank goodness there was no one hurt and the wind blew the smoke away from shore... You can see my shaky video here

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  1. I'm so sad about this- but i'm glad that this has meant that i've discovered your blog because I was convinced I might be the only blogger in Weston.