Tuesday, September 16, 2008

My beloved Bernina 1260QPE..

We drove down to Taunton last Saturday to collect it from Bredons as it was ready from being serviced... so the time had come to get all it's accessories together and list it on ebay. When F was playing with daddy sunday afternoon & while the light was still good I managed to take lots of pictures... although I realized the next day I'd forgotten to photograph a whole lot of assorted feet I had that don't fit in the standard tool box! Oh well :)

It took the best part of sunday evening to crop the photos, upload them to ebay and write the blurb about it. Who would have thought explaining what the bernina 1260QPE does and what mine has with it would take so long! Click here If you want to see my finished blurb.

I'm still having palpatations at the thought of it actually selling... there are no bids just yet but a few watchers. Unfortunately I really have no choice as since Finn took over what was our dining room and his old small room has become our new dining room our storage capabilities have been severly reduced. Those of you who know me know how much crafting and sewing stuff I have... in addition to the collection of machines and there is no way we can physically fit it all in the small room. Even if the Bernina 1260QPE sells I will still have my other Bernina (the Artista200E) with embroidery attachment & my Babylock eclipse overlocker so I can't really complain.

During the clear out I have recycled some old incomplete dressmaking patterns, given away my patchwork fabric stash, sent my unused non-feltable stashed yarns to a fellow Raveller in need in the USA with the postage paid by another Raveller as a gift.

Even with all this sorting and clearing I've been doing I've still got more to sort through.... but for this week I'll call it a halt & hope my special Bernina baby finds a loving good home.... sigh.


  1. You never gave us a link to your Ebay page though so we can't find your shinys to bid on them!

  2. oops.. i posted the response to Rayven under the wrong posting :) Anyway... this is Fi's ebay page:


  3. I did post the link I promise.... it's in the bit that says click here if you want to see my finished blurb :)

  4. Thanks bimble for posting the link.... I went and had a look and i've just discovered that I can change the layout of that page... so now the listings are in the main part of the page :) looks much better now!