Wednesday, February 25, 2009

I'm still here and over all the xmas bugs...

I've been a very bad blogger recently and many apologies for not posting for such a long time. It took ages for us as a family to recover from the repeats of Christmas illness which in the end saw pretty much all of us on anti-biotics to sort us out. Being ill with colds/chest infections/temperatures etc is hard enough... but especially hard when pregnant as there are so few medicines you can take! Paracetamol didn't do a thing on the whole, trying to rest and get loads of sleep would have been great but pretty much impossible when your toddler is full of beans...

Time has just flown by and i've mainly been concentrating on getting ready for our new baby in May... so i've not been crafting that much and i'm endeavouring to get back to my projects very soon. Amazingly there's only 11wks give or take a couple of days till our due date!!!  I'm now in the last trimester (29wks out of 40) and my bump has suddenly been on a growth spurt. Sleeping is becoming more challenging as finding a comfy position that both me and the baby agree on is getting harder. Not to mention the all night aqua aerobics he/she gets up to which often wake me up going ouch and i've turned into a blast furnace at night... bun in the oven indeed! Oh and don't forget the constant trips to the loo (day and night) because of now having a bladder the size of a pea :)

Our 20wk scan just before Christmas showed a totally healthy and happy little one and our DS was totally fascinated. He is beginning to understand the concept of mummy having a baby but when asked if he would like a baby brother or sister he is still adamant he wants a ball... in fact a yellow ball to be precise! Maybe his new little brother or sister will give him one when he/she arrives?!


  1. Good to hear all is going well. Must have been hell being sick while pregnant! Your belly is soo cute! I bet it doesn't feel that way to you though. lol

    I love ultrasound pictures, they are absolutely amazing. :-)

    I wonder if DS thinks you're giving birth to a ball. lol Maybe he just thinks it'll be a girl or boy ball, and he's hoping he can choose the color atleast. Too cute!

  2. The bump photo is actually a couple of weeks old... I must take some more and post them too. I seem to have really expanded over the last 2 weeks and i'm beginning to wonder where another 11wks of baby growth is going to go!!!

    I got a book for DS called 'what's inside mummy's tummy' and this is helping with the whole baby in tummy concept. It shows what size the baby is at various weeks in comparison to things he knows... an orange, melon, pineapple etc apparently baby is now at the about the same size as a loaf of bread :) He loves it and has me reading it to him over and over again!

  3. Trust me, the baby will find room! lol

    That sounds like a great book! It's so amazing when you fully understand what size the baby inside you really is. DS probably cannot wait for his new sibling to be born now. :-)

    I'll have to remember the name of the book for if/when I have any more kiddies. :-)

  4. Even with the book... he still wants that yellow ball ;)

  5. Congratulations on your pregnancy, glad to hear that you got through the winter bugs, we too had them here in Ireland and it takes a few weeks to get the energy back for those who are not pregnant, so it must have been even more draining for you. Best wishes with the next few weeks and I do hope you get to have some rest. Margie.