Sunday, May 3, 2009

Jaffa cake style cup cakes

Yummy orange sponges drizzled with a orange/sugar syrup and topped with dark chocolate.. freshly dribbled with Green & Blacks 70% dark chocolate first thing this morning. All they need to do is set and then devoured later on!
Inspired by Blotted copybooks delicious Jaffa loaf cake... The recipe for which can be found on her blog

I was just too impatient to wait for a loaf cake to cook so I used the cake batter to do cupcakes instead... as they take only 20mins to cook in the oven :)

I know i've been a very sparse blogger during this pregnancy...

I didn't realise how tired i'd be running around after Finn and being pregnant. There's not long till my due date now... under 2wks to go till the 15th May!

I must take a bump picture this week to show you all as I look like i'm carrying a Zeppelin airship!


  1. They look fantastic! And 20 minutes is a much more enviable cooking time than nearly an hour, I must try this next time :D

  2. Hey Fiona!

    Good to see you back! Do you remember me? I'm the lady who got in touch with you from New Holland! The credit crunch got me - I think you'll remember but since then I've been working at the BBC temping and putting a lot more effort into my own blog. Yours was one of the first to really inspire me! Also looking to do a knitting course now so I can pick up the basics!! Funny eh? Hope you are okay, hope to hear from you at some point xxx

  3. Yummy!! I feel fat just looking at them. lol

    Glad to hear all is well. Your baby will be extra special because this is my birthday month. ;-) hee-hee

  4. It's my birthday month too! I'm due on the 15th and my birthday is on the 16th... really hoping to keep my birthday to myself though ;)

  5. lol Yeah, you won't get any recognition if you have to share birthdays. ;-)