Saturday, May 16, 2009

End of an era...

Sadly our little dog Douglas who was 15 1/2 yrs old passed away suddenly on Thursday evening. He'd been losing weight for a couple of months and was under treatment for suspected bowel disease which seemed to be stabilizing him.. in the end though it was his heart that gave out. It was extremely quick which was a blessing but we are all still trying to come to terms with the fact he's gone...

I keep expecting him to appear at our feet when we're having our breakfast, lunch & dinners hopeful of scraps. Not to mention watching out for him trying to trip me up as I pottered around the flat or demanding attention when we'd get home from running errands.

He will be sorely missed but we do have our expected new arrival to the Kelly family to come. Yes he/she is not here just yet. So I am now officially the most pregnant I've been in my entire life and baby #2 is now a day overdue...  hopefully not long before we have some happier news for you all.

 Rest at peace my loyal loveable Douglas xoxox


  1. Oh I'm really sorry to hear about your poor dog. I hope you are okay? xxx

  2. still quite choked up about it.. but it's getting a bit easier every day. just trying to focus on the good memories..

  3. Oh no, I'm so sorry to hear this. He was such a cutie pie, and it must feel so strange not having him around.
    On a happy note, I hope your new addition arrives soon! :-)