Tuesday, July 1, 2014

Happy Canada Day!

WOW! Time really flies! I can hardly believe it's our 3rd Canada Day here since our move over from the UK :) 

We're looking forward to catching up with friends later and our awesome Bridgetown Firework display at dusk. 

For breakfast it felt like a pancake and local maple syrup kind of day. I use my own really easy recipe & made a double batch as it's always handy to have left overs for later...

So before I whip up my pot luck dish for later I thought I'd share my pancake recipe with you all that I had to modify after our move to Canada as my British one didn't work as well due to differences in baking powder and flour. 

Happy Canada Day ❤️ and hope you enjoy them!

200g Unbleached Flour
200g Milk - I use 3.25% (full fat for my UK followers)
3 Large eggs (use an extra if they're small)
35g Natural cane sugar or light golden colour sugar
23g baking powder ( I use Magic Baking Powder by Kraft 

Put all the ingredients in one bowl and mix together thoroughly using a whisk until lump free. I find a whisk does this task much faster and easier than a wooden spoon.. If you do have the odd lump here and there it won't matter too much! 

To cook
Use a large flat frying pan or griddle & smear with a little oil if you need it (I spread a little coconut oil on my pan as it's old and not so non stick these days). Set your heat to a low to medium setting..  we have an electric cooker so I usually set one of my large rings to 5 to start with then turn it down to 3 when it gets going. If you have a gas hob you get better instant heat so should be able to start at a lower temp straight away.

Put your pan on the heat for a minute or 2 to heat up and then spoon a small amount of your thick pancake batter into the center of your pan. When you start to see bubbles forming on the surface of your pancake.. Flip it over carefully with a flat kitchen spatula. When the pancake starts to rise and balloon/dome up it is cooked all the way through & time to transfer to your plate to eat with your choice of topping or just as it is! 

NB. I usually find after making this first pancake the pan has achieved a good temperature and I can spoon 3 or 4 individual pancakes into the pan at once to speed up production :)

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