Friday, June 6, 2008

Haggis' horns have been giving me a headache

I've been back to working out the pattern for Haggis the highland cow this week. I started with the hooves and hoof decorations. They came together very easily... I only needed to make one change to the hoof base and the heart came out just right first time... Phew!

The horns though have been a real challenge. I have ripped them down so many times this week. The 2 tall ones are just 2 of the ones I kept to help work out where I was going wrong. The 3rd smaller one is my current work in progress. The shape looks more promising this time. Not too many kinks and twists and gently getting wider as I go round. This one looks good and fingers crossed It might just be the one :) If you look closely you'll spot I've been shopping on etsy again. I just can't keep away from Yarnimals cute amigurumi round markers ( I've got the sheep & have my eye on a few more too).

The body, head and legs are should be quite straight forward as I've already done the swatch for his shaggy hair. It's a slightly wavy version of Marlion's mane...

I'm working out Haggis's pattern in some lovely Jojoland melody 4ply/fingering weight pure wool. I'd never tried this yarn before and bought it from a lovely lady in Canada via Ravelry. I've not tried felting it yet so I'm really excited to see how this prototype turns out. Don't worry you'll be the first to see the pictures as knowing me I'll be so excited to show how he turned out!

I have been buying more yarn too! I loved the Kauni so much I went a bit mad and ordered a lot from Astrids dutch obsessions I'm going to use the Kauni EJ (cream/camel/pink) to try out the finished Haggis pattern and I think he's going to be scrummy.

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