Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Seedling crops ravaged

It seems the word eventually leaked out in snail land that there were some tasty treats newly arrived nearby.... Their initial scouting of the area surmised they needed more troops to overwhelm the stock completely.

So after lulling me into a false sense of security that my defenses were strong enough to withstand attacks they returned in the dead of night. Silently they gathered their armies and slithered across the grassy plains... making sure to leave no traces except their shiny sticky trails... up the mountainous stone steps & green plastic walls... across the moat & up the final walls to set to work and finish the job they'd started 2 nights ago.... so determined that not even the copious amounts of pellets (scattered after their first attack) could dissuade them from their task.

I won't surrender & these fragile crops are coming inside! No chance to munch them now & they won't be coming out again until they're big and strong. Are bigger plants the only way to win over snails? Did these go out too soon?

I'm off to resow some more beans as I think the others are unfortunately history :(

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