Sunday, June 1, 2008

We're growing veg!

It started with F's toddler playgroup a month ago... a grow the tallest sunflower competition. The sunflower had to be re potted 2 weeks ago as it's roots had shot out the bottom of the small pot I'd initially planted it in... and really quickly too. This reminded me about all the interesting heritage & old variety vegetable seeds I'd bought last year. 

So last week F and I headed out into the sunshine to sow some more seeds in my propagator.

We sowed:-

2 types of tomatoes... Madame Jardel's black from the Heritage seed library & Grushovka tall bush from The Real seed catalog.

2 types of tomatillo... great for making proper salsa. Orange Bourgoin from the Organic gardening catalogue & mixed purple n green from Real seeds.

Rosa Bianca aubergine, Nardello red pepper, 2 types of cucumber... Long white paris & crystal lemon (apple), tondo di piacenza courgette and lastly orangeglo watermelon.

We ran out of compost at that point :) so after buying more we then sowed the 2 types of squash:- marina di choggia & chigago warted hubbard, colossal climbing peas , strawberry sweetcorn, climbing inca pea bean & runner beans in larger pots outside...

I didn't know how many would germinate as it was last summers seed... but I kept my fingers crossed & nearly everything has germinated! In fact everything is now out of the propagator and today I'll have to re-pot the watermelon in it's outside tub as it's gone crazy :) F now has his own watering can so he can help with all the watering later on in the summer so I get to keep mine! Off to garden center later to buy some big bags of compost to fill the big planter tubs and hoping for a dry day so we can potter outside this afternoon...

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  1. what wonderful veg you grow. I'm afraid I use a few slug pellets but as few as possible. I only really use the slug pellets as the village farmer gave them to me, not sure if I will buy more. Love the lion well done on selling the patterns