Friday, August 8, 2008

Gearing up for F's 2nd birthday

We had a relaxing day today... well deserved as this week has been exceptionally manic with errands & various appointments. We headed off to meet up with friends and see the old fashioned steam fair on our beach lawns. F decided he preferred to look at the rides and flat out refused to go on anything. So we stood and watched his 3 pals have a ball! While they were on the mini cars we went off to the hook a floating duck stall. F's prize for catching a big yellow duck on the hook at the end of a long stick was a bottle of bubbles.... and he was delighted. We spent the rest of the afternoon with buckets and spades on the beach making sandcastles for the little ones to demolish before they'd hardly left the bucket!

On the way home we wondered up the grand pier walkway for the first time since it's recent opening. We made a donation to the pier fund, bought a couple of Mr Whippy ice creams with flakes and saw close up what's now left of the pavilion. I was really glad to see the walkway full with lots of people... sitting having an ice cream or cuppa & just watching the world go by and not just heading for the wreckage at the end.

Well I'd better be off as tonight I've got to get cracking with F's birthday cake. I have to decorate the cake board to look like sky with clouds and start carving out the koala brothers plane pieces from the cakes I froze last weekend. I've never tried doing a plane before so I have no idea how this is going to turn out. But I've got plenty of source material (F's dvd's) and all the colours of icing I need so fingers crossed I'll manage something half decent. I promise to take photos of the process & I'll post them next time.


  1. Hope he has a great birthday! :)

  2. Good luck with the cake! I've been to the fair twice since it opened- my favourite bit is the fortune telling machines in the penny arcade.

  3. Finn had a fantastic birthday yesterday... It rained pretty much all day so all 9 toddlers were in the flat with mums and dads!

    I'd planned wet weather contingency acivities like pass the parcel and decorating home made biscuits with icing and sprinkles. Great messy fun but we're all totally shattered today!

    We're spreading out the opening of his birthday presents so it'll keep him going for the next week!

    I was delighted with my cake efforts and will post the pics when I've recovered from his party :)