Monday, August 25, 2008

Haggis Update and other decisions...

Well after the heartbreak of having to rip back over 100 hair tendrils earlier this week Haggis is coming along again nicely. I took a break from his hair... just couldn't face re-doing all those rows so soon and moved on to his legs instead. After a bit of playing with decreases I'm happy again... and the pattern for his legs is finished.

I've re-positioned the slip stitch markers on his body closer together and I'm now feeling brave enough to start those rows again... phew!

I made a decision this week on the Omnia/Tocco quandry and the Omnia won & to replace the funds for my new purchase (bought the Omnia on Sat!)...I am going to sell one of my beloved sewing machines... my Bernina 1260QPE.

It may seem a bit drastic but I really don't need 2 Bernina sewing machines & since we moved F into the big room (that was our dining room) we now don't have the space in the flat to store both Bernina's anyway.

So another decision had to be made... which one had to go? My Artista 200 with embroidery unit gives me far more options & capabilities... so unfortunately it had to be my trusty 1260QPE. I'm going to get it serviced and get all the extra accessories together for it so it will be ready to list on Ebay in the next few weeks.

I'll be extremely sad to see it go but it's in a great cause & the Omnia was worth it. I took the photos above with the Omnia and I'm a very happy bunny... here it is below (photo taken with old samsung 830) & I'll let you all know how I'm getting along with it in my next post...

My Omnia now has a picture of F when he was just hours old ahhhhhh as my backdrop :)


  1. You got it!! How cool! I bet you're having fun with it huh? :-)

    Are bernina sewing machines expensive? I've always used janome or singer. I actually have a toyota right now, and think they need to stick with cars. I am not motivated to sew at all because it's not a well thought out machine and pretty cheaply made. :-(

  2. Yeah... I never liked the Toyota sewing machines I've used either. I had a hand black and gold singer then a 2nd hand viking husqvarna, a newhome/janome before I worked my way up to the berninas. I paid for the 1260qpe over quite a few months as it was pricey but it was worth every penny. If you're looking for a new machine go for a Janome (about £200/£250 will get you a goodie) or if you can stretch to it a Bernina.

    & the omnia.... i'm loving it :) & still learning all the stuff it does...

  3. I've had couple of 2nd hand janomes that worked perfectly even though they were possibly older than me. :-) So I think I'll be faithful and stick with them. I will still price the Berninas just in case though. :-)

    Happy omnia phoning! hee-hee