Saturday, August 30, 2008

With the ongoing sort through & clear out of my seldom used hobby stuff I decided to get rid of my remaining patchwork fabrics stash.

A few weeks ago I listed it all on ravelry... whoever replied first could have it all if they paid the postage to get it to them.

I had lots of replies but unfortunately the postage for such a large quantity of fabrics to ship to the USA was more than the fabric could be bought for there...

The next lady in the queue from the Netherlands only wanted the blues and whites... so off they went and arrived quite quick too. So now i'm left with all of the above... aren't they delicious! I could take it to the charity shop but I've decided to carry on the give-away here first!

So if anyone fancies this selection of 100% cotton patchwork fabrics... some are totally unused fat quarters and some part used. Just under 1.4kilos of fabrics that are originally from a quilt project that I never quite got round to finishing. Just leave a comment with your location so I can quote you for postage :)

If no one wants them by the 30th September off to the charity shop they go!

Close up of the fabrics is below....

P.S. I've just checked and postage to anywhere in the uk by first class recorded is under £6!


  1. I have to de-lurk! I'd love to take them off your hands. I'm in Weston-Super-Mare. Such wonderful colors, they look like a packet of Opal Fruits:)

  2. That's great! I'm glad they're going so soon :) I'll send you an email so we can organise getting them to you....

  3. Beautiful! If I had a decent sewing machine I'd get them. :-(