Friday, April 25, 2014

Emily Ocker's Circular cast on

This week my intermediate knitters class was a challenging one for my students! They were learning how to do Emily Ocker's circular cast on. If you haven't tried it yet - It's a fantastic cast on for starting any of those in the round patterns that start from the center out or top down like hats or circular shawls but it can be quite tricky until you get the hang of it!
I knew the cast on and learning how to do increases in the round would be difficult for everyone to get to grips with so I designed a small stash busting pattern for a center out circular coaster. It's only 12 rounds long - so just long enough to learn the techniques and get some instant gratification from finishing a quick project! 

Click here to download the FREE pattern from Ravelry and give it a go! 

P.S. If you fancy trying a top down simple adult hat that uses this cast on instead - I have FREE hat pattern here on Ravelry too :)

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